"Fairwinds Corner"

Oil on Canvas 18"x 24". $ 495 Click here to Purchase! Add $50 for shipping in Canada; Add $75 for shipping to US; Email me for shipping costs if abroad "Hot off the press" ... This fall view of the prominent corner in my neighborhood glared at me suddenly one day last year. I stopped my car and took the shot. I kept gong back to the image over and over and never set down to try to capture the radiance of the color on these otherwise unnoticeable trees we pass every day. I have recently attended a two day workshop with a very accomplished BC artist Greame Shaw. My first day was a total disaster so I was determined to get my money's worth the following day! I think I did. I grabbed my favorite fall shot assuming it suable for style of painting he was showing us. The piece was done quickly and with far more freedom and ease I had ever experienced. I hope it will warm you up and that I can experience this ease